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What is it exactly? 

It’s a 23-page e-book containing 25 strategies for building your child’s home language(s) from preschool to the end of primary school. It also contains a list of additional resources to support you and your family on your multilingual journey.

Who’s it for?

Are you looking for inspiration and support for your family’s home language or languages? You’re just starting out and want things to try out? Then it’s for you! Or you’ve been on this road for a few years and you feel like you’ve run out of ideas? Feeling a little down about it? Then this e-book is for you!

What will it do for you?

It will reassure you about what you’re already doing and it will give you new ways to build your child’s home language or languages so you won’t be stuck for new things to try.

How much is it? €3.99

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What is it exactly? 

It’s a 14 page e-book with 16 effective ways for building your child’s language or languages using books. You’ll also get 18 book recommendations for babies and toddlers, 8 book recommendations for children aged 3-4; 6 book recommendations  for children aged 4-5; 11 best books for early readers, and 5 book recommendations for teen readers.

Who’s it for?

If you’re not sure what books to pick or you get fed up with never getting to the end of the sentence on a page not to mind a whole book, then this e-book is for you! If you don’t feel confident reading with your child and worry that you’re not doing it right-this e-book is for you. If you want to use books to develop your child’s home language, then the 16 strategies in this book will enable you to do that.

What will it do for you?

It will give you 16 ways to use books to build your child’s language. It will show you how to have the best conversations during reading time together and how to nurture your child’s imagination and story-telling without needing any fancy or made of plastic!

How much is it? €3.99

How do I buy it? Via PayPal- just click Buy Now below.

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