6 tips for children with persistent reading difficulties and dyslexia

It’s the last post in our five part series and we are back with 6 tips for children who continue to struggle with reading or who have been assessed and identified as having dyslexia. Phyllis Jordan, Senior Speech & Language Therapist and friend of mine, has the following tips for you:

  1. Keep it functional when it comes to homework. If the class reader is too difficult, let them read a part of it and then you read the rest.
  2. For maths homework, you read out the questions so they can work out the answer and not spend unnecessary energy on the reading.
  3. If they have to answer questions on a paragraph, read the questions aloud to them first. That way they can read the paragraph for the desired meaning with a sense of what is expected of them.
  4. Oral language is the foundation of literacy so keep up the quality conversations about topics of interest, movies, documentaries, experiences that you’ve watched together. Have conversations where they explain how to play a game that they love to you.
  5. Develop typing skills as a way around issues with writing.
  6. Get support from your local dyslexia association who can organise assessments, workshops, trainings for parents and teachers.



We really hope you enjoyed this series and found it useful. If you did,  please share with your friends!

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MP & Phyllis


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